Install-Module -Name Az -Scope CurrentUser -Repository PSGallery -Force

Connect Auzre


lsit sbuscription


subscription=“Azure subscription 1” az account set -s “$subscription”

Create an App Service app with deployment from GitHub

set -e # exit if error

Variable block

let “randomIdentifier=$RANDOM*$RANDOM” location=“East US” resourceGroup=“msdocs-app-service-rg-$randomIdentifier” tag=“” gitrepo= # Replace the following URL with your own public GitHub repo URL if you have one appServicePlan=“msdocs-app-service-plan-$randomIdentifier” webapp=“msdocs-web-app-$randomIdentifier”

Create a resource group.

echo “Creating $resourceGroup in “$location”…” az group create –name $resourceGroup –location “$location” –tag $tag

Create an App Service plan in FREE tier.

echo “Creating $appServicePlan” az appservice plan create –name $appServicePlan –resource-group $resourceGroup –sku FREE

Create a web app.

echo “Creating $webapp” az webapp create –name $webapp –resource-group $resourceGroup –plan $appServicePlan

Deploy code from a public GitHub repository.

az webapp deployment source config –name $webapp –resource-group $resourceGroup
–repo-url $gitrepo –branch master –manual-integration

Use curl to see the web app.

site=“http://$” echo $site curl “$site” # Optionally, copy and paste the output of the previous command into a browser to see the web app

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